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We’re pleased to introduce to the DesignBetter.Co library your guide to the essential process that sparks collaborative innovation at companies big and small—Enterprise Design Sprints.

Using techniques to explore problems and test solutions quickly, design sprints provide the essential framework to creatively answer the critical business questions facing any company. Organizations like Google, AARP, and The Home Depot are proving design at even the largest enterprises can be nimble with the help of design sprints.

This book was written by expert Richard Banfield, CEO and co-founder of Boston-based user experience agency Fresh Tilled Soil, and covers how implementing the five tried-and-true phases of design sprints help the most forward-thinking design teams in the world reduce risk, spark innovation, and bring more voices into the design process to make better products faster, and how you can do the same.

Flip through the Enterprise Design Sprints now.

Richard has created the essential guide to understanding how companies of any size can learn faster together and reduce risk. We hope it’s a valuable resource for you and your team as you use design to influence product development at your company.

Share which chapter you plan to apply to your team’s workflow first, we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Read the Enterprise Design Sprints.

P.s. And yes, we do have plans to print these books in the future—stay tuned!

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Author: Clark Valberg

Source link: Enterprise Design Sprints by DesignBetter.Co


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